Labour Compliance Services

Stuta HR Consulting Private Limited ensure that the organization meets its statutory obligations and internal requirements with respect to labour compliance.

Please find the Labour Compliance Scope of Service as below 

  • Renewal/ Amendment  of Licenses and Certificates      under various Labour  Laws (Factory license ESI, PF, Professional  Tax, Contract Labor Act, Shop and Establishment)
  • Exemptions under various Labour Law ( Weekly Holiday and over time )
  • Maintenance of Statutory Records and Registers (All Applicable Act)
  • Timely Submission of Returns  under the various Labour Laws(Monthly ESI,PF,PT Factory returns and Half  year and Annual returns under various Laws)
  • Information about Labour legislations  Amendments/Notifications/Minimum wages   
  • Preparation of  Labour Compliance Audit document and Attending the Audit   
  • End to End Handling &  Liaison of Government Authorities during inspection 
  • Visits & Inspections Draft  Responses to Government Notices & Observations Drafting Labour notice  replay letter
  • Compliance under Pradhan Mantri  Rojgar Protsahan Yojana(PMRPY) 
  • Assisting the Employees for PF withdrawal, PF Transfer and ESI benefits.   

Please find the Labour compliance audit Scope of Service as below

  • Evaluate registrations applicable under the labour laws
  • Evaluate displays under all applicable Acts
  • Assess statutory payment under all applicable labour laws
  • Evaluate status of exemptions as applicable under all labour laws
  • Evaluate status of registers maintained under applicable laws
  • Evaluate submission of returns under applicable laws on monthly/ quarterly/ half-yearly/ annual basis as applicable
  • Evaluate response to Inspections and consequences  
  • Detailed audit report with high-medium-low risks categorized and mitigation steps 


recruitment services

Additional Information

Save time in the areas you need it most. Your people are your service promise to your customers whether they be internal or external customers. Therefore, it’s important to recruit and select your staff in the right way. We can do all or any part of this process for you. Whether you need help sourcing candidates, interviewing, or getting a second opinion about a prospective critical hire, we offer a range of recruiting service options that will ensure we meet your needs, while saving you time and resources.

As part of our services we can do all or some of the following menu service options as well as vary our services   based on your desired level of assistance for each specific position:

· Create sourcing strategies based on your budget and the types of      candidates you are seeking.

· Write compelling job postings that get the attention of competitive      talent pools and ensure listings are posted in locations best suited to      reach the target audience.

· For each position, perform targeted candidate sourcing utilizing      our tools and resources, as well as paid sites approved by you.

· Carefully screen candidates and submit those most appropriate.

· Sometimes on demand, conduct phone interviews with approved      candidates and submit thorough reports to hiring managers capturing the      skills, qualifications and overall suitability for the position.

· Schedule candidate interviews and provide detailed information      throughout the screening and interview process so you can make informed      hiring decisions.

· Provide frequent progress updates and communication so you can stay      on track and hire the best fit within the timeline required.

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